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High impact, long lasting, economical - it's your next promotion!

Smell has been proven to be the sense that generates the longest lasting memories, and not many promotional products offer you the opportunity to tap into your customer's sense of smell to generate such an enduring impression. A promotional air freshener personalised with your details will create a dual-action effect as both sight and smell re-enforce your message and company name.

You can have your custom design and logo printed on both sides with a selection of shapes and fragrances available - and remember, your air freshener will be small and light enough for promotional mail shots or to hand out at trade shows.



Fragrance Oils

You will get the best advice and help choosing the perfect fragrance for your promotion.

Shapes and Sizes

Make your choice to suit your needs.

Do you want to know more?

You can access information here on the manufacturing processes and options available to you.

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